Founded in 1963, Rainbow Corners Nursery School is a cooperative, non-profit, non-sectarian nursery school.

What is a Cooperative Nursery School?

A cooperative nursery school is a school setting that allows parents the opportunity to participate in their child's first school experience. Rainbow Corners co-op parents serve as helpers in their children's classroom about once a month. This gives them the chance to observe their child's social and emotional growth over the course of the year. A genuine sense of community is built among children and parents alike. The nursery school is governed by an Executive Board consisting of parents of currently enrolled students. Non-cooperative positions are also available for parents who are unable to work in the classroom.


Can I be a Non-Co-op member?

YES! Rainbow corners welcomes non co-op and co-oping parents alike. We know how hard parents work on a daily basis. Being a member of Rainbow Corners Nursery School, parents become actively involved in the education of their children. Involvement takes many different forms. There is much for everyone to do in a school that is run by the parents. Beyond your classroom duties, there are many jobs to be done to keep our school running smoothly, such as fundraising, baking, making phone calls, the Newsletter, pet tending, cleaning, book-keeping, scheduling, etc. The more involved parents are, the more we can offer our children!

Our Philosophy is that children learn and develop through active play, since “play’ is a child’s work. Our goal is to develop a child’s self image so that they feel they are competent to learn and grow. RCNS provides a stimulating environment in which children can explore, create and learn about themselves, their peers and their world. Small classes enable our staff to discover your child's unique abilities.

What Parents Are Saying

"We chose RCNS based on high recommendations from alumni."

"The fact that we are a small school gives the teachers the opportunity to create real loving relationships with the families and students. It is a warm, friendly environment and the kids learn so much through hands on activities. The curriculum is great and really gets the students ready for kindergarten."

"The school was inviting and everyone seemed to truly care about the children. I also like being able to be a part of my child's learning experience. The staff at Rainbow Corners has exceeded my expectations in every area."

"When I first arrived at Rainbow Corners I was greeted with a friendly, warm, welcome. I loved the idea of the co-op because I was curious to see my child interact with other kids. Something about the layout of the school and the play-based curriculum reminded me of what preschool was like for me as a kid- warm and fuzzy and innocent. I definitively wanted Pre-K, as opposed to a daycare."

"When we came to tour the school it was such a lovely experience. We had already heard such wonderful things about the school...I was very interested in the coop experience. It just felt right"

"This was my child’s first year in school and it hardly took 2 days for him to settle and love the school."

"Mrs. Rossi is amazing: super realistic and light-hearted. What a great intro to school for my son. Such a wonderful experience for him and for us, his parents."

"My son loved his teacher Mrs. Smith and all the extra special activities throughout the year."

"Mrs. A had a wonderful way of connecting with each child. My son was excited to come to school each day...his confidence skyrocketed because she made him (and all of the kids!) believe they were super smart & capable. Thank you!!!"


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